10 signs of child abuse

10 signs of child abuseWe have the power to prevent and stop child abuse with just a few simple steps.  As a friend, relative, coworker, or professional working with families, one of the most important steps we can take to prevent child abuse is to identify and help families that may be experiencing stresses, such as financial, emotional, etc..  The simple step of extending our support or assistance in helping to connect them with services and programs that can help them, can play a major role in preventing child abuse.

Build your knowledge of services and assistance for families dealing with different social and economic stresses. Law Help New York includes a section on child abuse with resources on commonly asked questions about child abuse in New York and a list of legal aid and community resources which you can look by zipcode.

Another important step we can all take is to remember the top 10 signs of child abuse.  The picture in this post lists all of them, with explanations on what to look for. 

So, take a few minutes today to learn about these and stay alert!  Together we can all play our part to end child abuse!