What is your Internship worth?

Getting an internship is getting harder and harder, but never more has it been needed as much as today. Many College and University students want some experience before they start working, to have something that looks good on their resume and get contacts. Almost all internships are unpaid so you often have to choose between … Read moreWhat is your Internship worth?

Important new benefits coming to immigrants with the new State Health Insurance Exchange

Clic aquí para leer en español You may have started hearing about the new NY State Health Insurance Exchange coming 10/1/13.  Under the federal Affordable Care Act, an Exchange will be operating in every state starting in 2014. This Exchange will be like a marketplace where you will be able to shop for and enroll … Read moreImportant new benefits coming to immigrants with the new State Health Insurance Exchange

Mayor's Office Fights Against Domestic Violence

The Mayor’s Office to Combat Domestic Violence (OCDV) has teamed up with the Advanced Volunteer Opportunity Network (A.V.O.N.) Mentoring Program to improve the social stature of domestic violence victims. The A.V.O.N. foundation awarded the Mayor’s office with a $95,000 grant to help further enrich the work in the office. The grant is a part of … Read moreMayor's Office Fights Against Domestic Violence

New York City Gets Ready For Paid Sick Days

For years, over 1 million New Yorkers have forced themselves to go in to work regardless of their, or a family member’s, poor health. Risk of getting fired, losing preference on good shifts and no access to sick pay are the main causes behind this crisis – a crisis which not only endangers the individual … Read moreNew York City Gets Ready For Paid Sick Days

Facing Foreclosure? Mortgage Assistance Available

Thank you Center for New York City Neighborhoods (CNYCN) for this guest blog post.  City’s Mortgage Assistance Programs Saves 100 Homes From Foreclosure, Learn if it Could Help You   While the national mortgage crisis recedes from the news headlines, many homeowners that continue to struggle under the heavy burden of unmanageable mortgage debt can feel … Read moreFacing Foreclosure? Mortgage Assistance Available