Did you ever wonder, What is Probate?

Well, maybe never if you’re under 50, but as you get older, it does become a concern.  Alexander H Ryley, Director of the Elderly Project at Volunteers of Legal Service (VOLS) in New York City decided to explain “Probate” in response to questions from seniors who had recently lost a spouse, and we decided to … Read moreDid you ever wonder, What is Probate?

How's technology evolving immigrant service delivery?

In partnership with the CUNY Immigration Working Group, we’re releasing a new video and accompanying lesson plan to get nonprofit staff acquainted with emerging tech-driven initiatives. 
If you would like one of our staff to go over the video and lesson plan with your organization, contact Wilneida Negron at: wnegron@nylawhelp.org to request a free in-house training. 
Thanks to Mark O’Brien from Pro Bono Net, Matthew Burnett from Immigration Advocates Network, and Emma Murphy from Cabrini Immigrant Services of NYC for their interview time!  

You have a right to be free of debt collector abuse

A federal judge, in response to a case filed by the New York State Attorney General and the Federal Trade Commission has ordered a debt collector in Buffalo going under the names, eCapital Services or the National Check Registry to stop lying to borrowers by telling them that they face prison or job loss for … Read moreYou have a right to be free of debt collector abuse

Some good news for New York State’s immigrants

(This article originally appeared in the NYLAG Blog) On the national front this has been a summer of disappointment, outrage and guarded hope for the rights of immigrant families living in our country. Comprehensive immigration reform seems like a distant memory, unaccompanied children are fleeing persecution only to be denied due process and fast-tracked into … Read moreSome good news for New York State’s immigrants

Immigrants and domestic violence

While the national debate rages on as to the threat posed by undocumented immigrants, the immigrants themselves often face a more personal threat- domestic violence. All immigrants to United States, legal or not, are afforded the same legal protections as American citizens are when they are victims of domestic violence. However, the fear of deportation … Read moreImmigrants and domestic violence

Your rights when working with an employment agency

Have you worked with Excellent Employment Agency, United Employment Agency, Patricia Employment Agency, Rivera Employment Agency or Sunset Employment Agency?  These four employment agencies in Jackson Heights, Queens and Sunset Park, Brooklyn were found to have charged clients excessive fees; discriminated against clients based on race, ethnicity, gender and age in job referrals; referred clients … Read moreYour rights when working with an employment agency

All about rent regulations in NYC

Do you know if your apartment is rent regulated? There is no doubt that it’s getting harder and harder to find an affordable apartment in New York City.  Despite rent regulations, many NYC apartments are still very expensive for most New Yorkers, especially those with limited income. Or in some cases, you may not even … Read moreAll about rent regulations in NYC

Governor Cuomo cracks down on domestic violence

Governor Cuomo signed multiple bills into law Wednesday July 23rd, each of which intended to combat domestic violence. These new bills will improve New York’s laws relating to stalking and aggravated harassment. They will strengthen existing laws and add completely new measures to protect New Yorkers from GPS related stalking, aggravated harassment, and public lewdness/indecent … Read moreGovernor Cuomo cracks down on domestic violence

Do You Know a Veteran Struggling with PTSD?

For the thousands of veterans returning home, getting back to life as usual is a hard task.  Many come back traumatized from all they have seen and encountered and in need of mental health services. Thankfully, on July 13, 2010, VA published a final regulation that will make access to care and the claims process … Read moreDo You Know a Veteran Struggling with PTSD?