Help for New Yorkers with Tax Problems

It’s tax season and LawHelpNY previously wrote about free places to file and Earned Income Credit, but there may be difficult situations that arise after have filed your taxes or failing to file. Dealing with the IRS can be overwhelming, but there are resources in New York that taxpayers can turn to for assistance with … Read moreHelp for New Yorkers with Tax Problems

Immigrants Safer from Fraud

Last week Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman and Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the formation of a new joint task force to target those who prey on immigrants. “Our joint city-state anti-fraud task force will stop fraudsters in their tracks and provide a safe place for immigrant fraud victims to come forward,” said Mayor de … Read moreImmigrants Safer from Fraud

Power Of Attorney Explained

What’s “durable” about a durable power of attorney? If someone has signed a power of attorney, the document is usually a “durable power of attorney.”  It’s not that the document is printed on sheets of titanium.  Rather, “durable” refers to what happens when the principal becomes incapacitated: Nothing.  A durable power of attorney goes into … Read morePower Of Attorney Explained

Pursuing Adoption in New York

Different circumstances may lead individuals and families to consider adoption.  The legal adoption process gives the adopting party the same rights and responsibilities of natural parents.  The child (or adult) being adopted takes the same last name as the adopting parents, and has the same rights and privileges as if she or he had been … Read morePursuing Adoption in New York