Uncontested Divorce DIY Forms

Get acquainted with the basics of “No Fault Divorce,” with the video below. If your divorce is “uncontested” (see the definition in the link) you can use the NY Court System’s Uncontested Divorce self-help form to produce divorce papers that you can file in court. Click on the accompanying video that explains this form. Follow … Read moreUncontested Divorce DIY Forms

Tackling Student Debt?

One of the harshest realities of being a college student and graduate is paying back student loans. Students face significant pressure just getting into college and staying in college, but the pressures continue long after you graduate when you have debt. The recent graduating class of 2015, faces the highest amount of student loan debt, … Read moreTackling Student Debt?

What is DAPA?

What is DAPA?

iAmerica provides a brief overview in this short video:

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Deferred Action is a federal government program that provides temporary protection from deportation. Deferred Action also allows you to apply for a Social Security number, work authorization, and special permission to allow travel to and from the United States.

Deferred Action is not a permanent immigration status. It is not a green card or a path to citizenship. People who get Deferred Action cannot apply for federally funded public benefits, such as food stamps, housing subsidies, Affordable Care Act health insurance premium subsidies, or student financial aid.

The DAPA Story: A Legal Battle   The 5th Circuit Court has not ruled on president’s immigration initiatives DAPA and expanded DACA. If they don’t rule before Nov. 1st, it will be really hard for this case to go the Supreme Court before the end of 2016, meaning the hopes and dreams of millions of families will be put on hold. #DAPAstory

– iAmerica


For additional information on DAPA/DACA visit the National Immigrant Justice Center review the resources LawHelpNY has curated.

Facing Foreclosure? Get Live Chat Assistance via CourtHelp

The foreclosure crisis in New York State is far from over. Foreclosures filings in New York remain high, hovering at more than 40,000* a year since 2013, a number well above pre-recession levels. After reaching a low in 2011 of under 17,000, the number of filings began to creep back up to a level alarmingly … Read moreFacing Foreclosure? Get Live Chat Assistance via CourtHelp

Working with an Interpreter in a Legal Setting

  Frequently Asked Questions What is an interpreter? When people speak different languages, an interpreter helps them talk to each other.  An interpreter can work in person or over the phone. Is what I say to the interpreter confidential? If your interpreter works for your lawyer or someone else who works in a legal office, … Read moreWorking with an Interpreter in a Legal Setting

Access Manhattan: Medicaid/Medicare Workshop

Manhattan Borough President, Gale Brewer launched a series of workshops and forums in early fall 2015, Access Manhattan: Services for Stronger Communities. They have held a number of events since October that will continue through December. On November 4th, there will be a Medicaid/Medicare workshop held at her office, 431 West 125th Street. from 3:00 – … Read moreAccess Manhattan: Medicaid/Medicare Workshop

Overview of Legal Services Statewide Websites

  What are the legal services statewide websites? The Legal Services Corporation has funded statewide legal information websites in 54 states and territories. These websites provide accurate, easy-to-understand information in the legal areas most affecting low-income and vulnerable people. These websites also provide information on free legal aid offices (also called legal services) in each state. What … Read moreOverview of Legal Services Statewide Websites

Differences between Federal, State, & Local Laws

  Do you know the differences between Federal, State, & Local Laws? What are Federal laws? Federal laws are rules that apply throughout the United States.  These laws apply in every state, such as:  Immigration law Bankruptcy law Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) laws Federal anti-discrimination and civil rights laws that protect against … Read moreDifferences between Federal, State, & Local Laws