Avoiding Medicare fraud

admin-ajaxSeniors are often vulnerable to different kinds of consumer frauds. A common and less-known type of fraud affecting seniors is Medicare fraud. The national non for profit advocacy group Medicare Watch provides the following tips to ensure you or a loved one can be protected against fraudulent Medicare practices:

  • Be aware: Anyone can be a victim of Medicare fraud
  • You should always guard your identity closely: Call 1-800- MEDICARE to report suspicious behavior
  • Do not give out personal information over the phone or internet: If you do not recognize the organization or person asking for your information, do not give information to them. Always ask questions about who they are and why they need your information.
    Know that guaranteed Medicare benefits are the same and consumers do not have to do anything in order to continue receiving them.

The legal information website, www.LawHelpNY.org provides information other ways to protect yourself against medicare fraud which you can find here: Protecting Medicare and You From Fraud and How to Report Medicare Fraud. You can also find a list of legal providers who may be able to help you if you feel that you or a loved ones are victims of fraud in New York. Click here to find more information on this topic.