Finding help if you're a domestic violence victim in NY

new york homeless familyFor many victims of domestic violence, the daily pain and harassment becomes a shameful secret; making it hard to speak up about it.  Trapped in a vicious cycle of physical and/or verbal abuse, it is unfortunate that many of these victims of domestic violence are never able to escape and instead lose their lives at the hands of their friend, family member, lover, or spouse.

The first step in leaving a domestic abuse situation is recognizing that there is a problem that is compromising you and your family’s safety; and you don’t want to take it any more! In making this difficult first step, it’s important to realize there are many groups, government agencies, and individuals throughout New York State who devote all of their energies to helping victims of domestic violence.  These groups can provide you with a safe environment and connect you to free services and programs which can help you get out of a domestic violence situation.

“Do you know what free services are available for victims of domestic violence in your area?”

If you don’t, we challenge you to find them out because you will never know when you or someone you know will need to reach out to them.

Below are some links to help you get started in finding the many free resources and services available for domestic violence victims and their families in NY:

**Please note that if you are a victim of domestic violence searching for help on the internet the abuser can monitor what websites you have visited.  To learn how to clear all of the records of your computer activity read this resource Internet Security for Victims of Domestic Violence .

Getting an order of protection

List of domestic violence shelters and programs in New York State

Free legal aid attorneys in NYS that can help you get an order of protection or with other legal issues related to domestic violence


List of services that you and your children may be eligible for

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