23 Tips To Help Make Your Holiday Shopping Fraud-Free and a Little Bit Less Stressful ;)

IMG_0550Will you be avoiding the long lines this holiday season by shopping online? 

If so, learn how to protect yourself from identity theft and other online crimes.

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America, with the average victim spending 175 hours and $1000.00 repairing the damage. Cyber criminals continue to aggressively create new ways to steal money and personal information. Scammers use many techniques to fool potential victims including fraudulent auction sales, reshipping merchandise purchased with a stolen credit card, and sale of fraudulent or stolen gift cards through auction sites at a discounted price.

So, please take a few minutes from your busy holiday season and learn about how you can protect yourself from these common shopping scams.   Thank you to the Private Rights Clearinghouse for these tips and suggestions:

  1. Introduction
  2. Shop at Secure Web Sites
  3. Research the Web Site before You Order
  4. Read the Web Site’s Privacy and Security Policies
  5. Be Aware of Cookies and Behavioral Marketing
  6. What’s Safest: Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Cash, or Checks?
  7. Never Give Out Your Social Security Number
  8. Disclose Only the Bare Facts When You Order
  9. Keep Your Password Private
  10. Check the Web Site Address
  11. Don’t Fall for “Phishing” Messages
  12. Always Print or Save Copies of Your Orders
  13. Shop with Companies Located in the United States
  14. Pay Attention to Shipping Facts
  15. Learn the Merchant’s Cancellation, Return and Complaint-Handling Policies
  16. Use Shopper’s Intuition
  17. Be Wary of Identity Theft
  18. Consider Using Single-use Card Numbers
  19. Be Cautious with Electronic Signatures
  20. Know How Online Auctions Operate
  21. Understand Your Responsibility for Sales and Use Taxes Online
  22. Be Aware of Dynamic Pricing
  23. Additional Resources

For more info on how to protect yourself from online frauds visit: Internet Fraud Prevention NY.

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