Student loan problems? New Student Loan Legal Hotline

student loanStudent debt in the United States has now passed the $1 trillion mark.  Although, student loans provide people with the opportunity to get college education, there are still significant costs to borrowing this money. For example, borrowers often have to deal with high interest rates, threat of delinquency, and the possibility of wage garnishment which the federal government has the power to do if you fall delinquent on your loans.

As a result, many students feel overwhelmed with their repayment options and unsure about their rights as lenders. 

Legal Services NYC, the nation’s largest civil legal aid program has launched a Student Loan Legal Assistance Hotline.  The Hotline is available only to NYC residents in both English and Spanish. 

To call the hotline dial: 718-237-5564 and leave your name and number on the hotline voice mail and an advocate will call you back in 48 hours.

Below are the flyers in English and Spanish:

English Student Loan Hotline Info

Spanish Student Loan Hotline Info

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