KinGAP Program Assists Grandparents and Other Relatives Caring for Children

admin-ajaxAre you a grandparent or other relative caring for a child?  If so, New York Office of Children and Family Services currently runs the Kinship Guardianship Assistance Program (KinGap)This program helps a foster child have permanent placement with a relative who had been the child’s foster parent for at least six months.   The program provides financial support and medical coverage (in most cases), from the time the child is discharged from foster care to the guardian.  The level of financial support is similar to the maintenance payments received while the child was in foster care.

To be eligible relatives must have the following:

  • Fully certified or approved as foster parents, and be caring for a related child who has been placed with them as a foster child for at least six months.
  • Must be related to the child by blood, adoption, or marriage, and the relationship can be to any degree of affinity.  
  • Have a  strong attachment with the child. 

For more information on this program and how to apply visit the New York State Kinship program website.

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