Drowning in Debt in NYC? You're not alone! Find free financial and debt counseling

Maintaining healthy finances is often a daunting process for many people. It can be complex to keep track of the various interest rates, debts and obligations. It is also easy to fall into the trap of misinformation.  But its worth trying to figuring it all out!  Why?  Because financial literacy has been found to improve quality of life.  Plus, if you have a family its a skill you can pass onto your children to help get their life started on a successful life.
NYCers have nyc financial literacy helpfree resources available in their communities to help get  finances under control.
The Office of Financial Empowerment can help clarify a lot of these questions, advise on best practices and next steps.  The Office of Financial Empowerment runs free Financial Empowerment Centers where advisors can help you take control of your debt, deal with debt collectors, improve your credit, create a budget, open a bank account, start an emergency fund, save and plan for your future, and much more.  To learn more about them download their brochure in English  বাংলা  中文  Français  मानक हिन्दी  Español.
Click here to find a Financial Empowerment Center closest to you. 
If you prefer a class setting where you’ll learn get the tools to develop an individualized Financial Action Plan check out Neighborhood Trust Financial’s Getting Ahead course. To register for free 5-week course in your area click here: 
For low income New Yorkers that may be dealing with consumer debt or financial issues like discriminatory banking and credit practices or credit and collections practices, call NEDAP’s Financial Justice Hotline (212) 925-4929 for assistance in English, Spanish or French.

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