Sign My Petition? For What? NY Election Process

Sign Here!! What’s with the clipboards and the green forms? They’re in parks, subway stops, retail areas, walking the streets and at local community functions – What are they asking me to sign? I’m sure you’ve seen them since the beginning of June, but definitely out in full force over the July 4th weekend. NYCLU’s Voting Rights page is constantly updated with changes to keep you informed of your voting rights.

Don’t feel comfortable putting your John Hancock on anything? Here’s the form decoded and what to look out for to gauge its legitimacy.

It’s campaign season as everyone ramps up for the November general election and NY candidates have until Thursday to get the requisite number of signatures from party-specific registered voters.

Here is a breakdown of how many signatures are needed per office, directly from the New York State Board of Elections:

Petition signatures

Don’t get scammed. Make sure that each petition form lists the candidates name, party affiliation and address at the top of the form. Some of the petitions are omnibus petitions, which means that multiple candidates are listed on a single petition. Make sure you know for whom you are signing.


Not sure how to get started in you civic participation? Here are some resources:

Board of Elections NYC – City residents register to vote

Have questions about the voting process in New York and if you’re eligible:

Want to contact your local board of elections? Click here

New York City voters can follow local elections using the Who’s on the Ballot site and mobile app. This is a nonprofit project sponsored by Columbia University’s SIPA program.