NY Sandy Victims Still Have to Watch Out for Contractor and Mortgage Scams

Sandy ravaged New York a year ago.  Yet, as families still struggle to put their lives together, there are scam artists preying on their frustration and desperation with getting repairs, struggling to keep their homes, or dealing with state and federal agencies.  Reports have found that scam artists posing as contractors or foreclosure “rescue” specialists have surfaced.  As a result, the Center for NYC Neighborhoods created these Public Service Announcements to warn people dealing with the aftermath of Sandy about these scam artists.

Remember that if you are suspicious about an individual or business offering services to Sandy victims for a charge, please contact the NYC Department of Investigation  Hurricane Sandy Hot Line(212) 825-5959.  You can also email them at: SandyFraud@doi.nyc.gov

Make sure to take a few minutes to watch the videos below:

Contractor Fraud PSA


Mortgage Fraud PSA

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