What would you do if you're stopped by the police? NYC Street Law Team will educate you about your rights

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Stop-and-frisk is still being debated in New York City courts.  Even though stop-and-frisk searches have reduced by 80%, there are still certain communities in NYC that continue to have frequent encounters with police.  If you are a community member or a teacher who is aware of  aggressive policing in schools or in your community, contact the Street Law Team at the National Lawyer’s Guild NYC Chapter.

The Street Law Team, is made up of local NYC law students, who volunteer their time to helping targeted communities feel empowered when coping with aggressive policing.

They are available to come to your location and conduct a free Know Your Rights: What to Do If You’re Stopped By the Police workshop. The workshop will provide all participants with the opportunity to talk about the role of police in their communities and also focuses on the Fourth Amendment rights in relation to searches and seizures.

They also provide free practical advice for helping people get through a police encounter safely and calmly.  Each training participant will also receive a What To Do If You’re Stopped By the Police palm card.

The Street Law Team  is also offering a new workshop: Know Your Rights: When ICE Comes Knocking, focused on supporting immigrant communities targeted by immigration and customs enforcement. 

Both trainings are roughly an hour and a half in length and appropriate for groups of between 5 and 50 youths and/or adults. 
Workshops are available in English and Spanish.

To have request for a Street Law Team Workshop email: streetlaw@nlgnyc.org or visit their website for more info: http://nlgnyc.org/street-law/. 

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