Finding help if you're a domestic violence victim in NY

For many victims of domestic violence, the daily pain and harassment becomes a shameful secret; making it hard to speak up about it.  Trapped in a vicious cycle of physical and/or verbal abuse, it is unfortunate that many of these victims of domestic violence are never able to escape and instead lose their lives at … Read moreFinding help if you're a domestic violence victim in NY

Immigrants and domestic violence

While the national debate rages on as to the threat posed by undocumented immigrants, the immigrants themselves often face a more personal threat- domestic violence. All immigrants to United States, legal or not, are afforded the same legal protections as American citizens are when they are victims of domestic violence. However, the fear of deportation … Read moreImmigrants and domestic violence

Governor Cuomo cracks down on domestic violence

Governor Cuomo signed multiple bills into law Wednesday July 23rd, each of which intended to combat domestic violence. These new bills will improve New York’s laws relating to stalking and aggravated harassment. They will strengthen existing laws and add completely new measures to protect New Yorkers from GPS related stalking, aggravated harassment, and public lewdness/indecent … Read moreGovernor Cuomo cracks down on domestic violence