Immigrants Safer from Fraud

Last week Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman and Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the formation of a new joint task force to target those who prey on immigrants. “Our joint city-state anti-fraud task force will stop fraudsters in their tracks and provide a safe place for immigrant fraud victims to come forward,” said Mayor de … Read moreImmigrants Safer from Fraud

Immigration fraud & the new Immigration Restitution Fund

The New York Attorney General’s office has created the Immigration Restitution Fund to assist immigrants who were falsely promised citizenship, residency or other immigration related services by two well known Immigration Assistance Service Programs.   Are you an immigrant who was a client of  the International Immigration Foundation, Inc (IIF) or the International Professional Association … Read moreImmigration fraud & the new Immigration Restitution Fund

Avoiding Medicare fraud

Seniors are often vulnerable to different kinds of consumer frauds. A common and less-known type of fraud affecting seniors is Medicare fraud. The national non for profit advocacy group Medicare Watch provides the following tips to ensure you or a loved one can be protected against fraudulent Medicare practices: Be aware: Anyone can be a … Read moreAvoiding Medicare fraud

23 Tips To Help Make Your Holiday Shopping Fraud-Free and a Little Bit Less Stressful ;)

Will you be avoiding the long lines this holiday season by shopping online?  If so, learn how to protect yourself from identity theft and other online crimes. Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America, with the average victim spending 175 hours and $1000.00 repairing the damage. Cyber criminals continue to aggressively create new … Read more23 Tips To Help Make Your Holiday Shopping Fraud-Free and a Little Bit Less Stressful 😉