How's technology evolving immigrant service delivery?

In partnership with the CUNY Immigration Working Group, we’re releasing a new video and accompanying lesson plan to get nonprofit staff acquainted with emerging tech-driven initiatives. 
If you would like one of our staff to go over the video and lesson plan with your organization, contact Wilneida Negron at: to request a free in-house training. 
Thanks to Mark O’Brien from Pro Bono Net, Matthew Burnett from Immigration Advocates Network, and Emma Murphy from Cabrini Immigrant Services of NYC for their interview time!  

Some good news for New York State’s immigrants

(This article originally appeared in the NYLAG Blog) On the national front this has been a summer of disappointment, outrage and guarded hope for the rights of immigrant families living in our country. Comprehensive immigration reform seems like a distant memory, unaccompanied children are fleeing persecution only to be denied due process and fast-tracked into … Read more Some good news for New York State’s immigrants

Immigrants and domestic violence

While the national debate rages on as to the threat posed by undocumented immigrants, the immigrants themselves often face a more personal threat- domestic violence. All immigrants to United States, legal or not, are afforded the same legal protections as American citizens are when they are victims of domestic violence. However, the fear of deportation … Read more Immigrants and domestic violence

3 ways to help New York's senior immigrants

Poverty, alienation, and vulnerability are some of the challenges facing New York’s aging immigrant population.  For every challenge immigrant seniors face, there is a clear and worrying consequences.  For example, the table below shows the main challenges senior immigrants in NY face along with the quality of life issues that it raises:   Challenges   … Read more 3 ways to help New York's senior immigrants