Immigrants must be aware of immigration scams

  “If you pay this fee, you’re guaranteed a place in the Diversity Immigrant Visa program!”  “You can have this form for $20.”  “Under DACA, you’re eligible for these services.”  “If you don’t pay $300 immediately, you will be deported.” Don’t be fooled by immigration scams! Immigration laws are complicated, so it’s no surprise there’s … Read moreImmigrants must be aware of immigration scams

AGScamHelp Brings Foreclosure Scam Awareness

The New York State Attorney General created to help New Yorkers identify scams, find trustworthy help through the Homeowner Protection Program (HOPP), and report potential scammers directly to the Attorney General’s office. prevent New Yorkers from becoming victims of these terrible scams. Visit the Attorney General’s new website if you think you have been a victim of … Read moreAGScamHelp Brings Foreclosure Scam Awareness

Foreclosure scams target people struggling with their mortgages

At 8.5%, New York has one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation.  One of the effects of unemployment is that homeowners throughout NY may also be struggling to pay their home mortgages and may even be facing foreclosure.  Unfortunately, there are many fraudulent companies out there that are keeping a close look at … Read moreForeclosure scams target people struggling with their mortgages

Fight foreclosure-rescue scam artists!

Foreclosure-rescue scam artists are finding new ways to prey on distressed homeowners. In many cases, they ask you to pay for a fee upfront and then never provide any services or save your home from foreclosure.   Below are five tips, to help you fight back against foreclosure scam artists! 1. Be very suspicious of … Read moreFight foreclosure-rescue scam artists!