It's Labor Day! Check out our collection of Top 10 "Know your Rights" resources for NYS Workers

With Labor Day now upon us and all the news about the need to raise the federal minimum wage, we thought we would take a few minutes to share some of our favorite New York workers’ rights resources.

Many workers’ rights are protected by federal, state, and local laws, therefore, take a few minutes to learn about these laws so you are prepared if anything comes up in your workplace.  Make sure to print or save this page for future reference!

The Workers’ Rights section on gives New Yorkers up-to-date content and all the latest legal developments.  We looked around this section to pick our top 10 list of NYS workers’ rights resources below.  These resources cover everything from workplace laws, equal pay, unemployment hearings, rights of domestic workers, and more.

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10.Connections 2012 and the Job Search: This guide helps formerly incarcerated people learn the various steps involved in hunting for work. It discusses job interviewing and resume writing, preparation in prison, avoiding job discrimination as a formerly incarcerated individual, and telling the truth about your conviction(s) on a job application. It also lists many helpful organizations that can help with all kinds of problems. This resource on NY job search for incarcerated people is also available in Spanish.

9. Questions and Answers About Cancer in the Workplace and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA): Cancer is the leading cause of death worldwide.  So, we can expect that some workers in New York state may face the possibility of having to go to work while suffering and undergoing treatment for some type of cancer.  Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), workers suffering from cancer have special protections.  This resource will go over them.

8. Rights Begin at Home: Protecting Yourself as a Domestic Worker: Domestic workers are nannies, housekeepers, and elder caregivers. They clean and cook and care for children and the elderly. Many are immigrants with a limited knowledge of the laws of this country or of the state in which they work. Some are undocumented and live in fear of being deported.The goal of this handbook is to help domestic workers protect themselves within existing employment laws

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7. Employment Agency Fact Sheet. For workers struggling to find regular full-time work, in many cases the only option is to try to find work through an employment agency.  This guide provides valuable info to protect you againts excessive employment age fees, illegal job referrals, and more.  This resource is also available in Spanish.

6. Know Your Rights! When Encountering Law Enforcement.  As millions of undocumented immigrants wait for some type of comprehensive immigration reform to take form, its important to know that they have rights if questioned by law enforcement in their workplace.

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5. What is the Advocate for Injured Workers? Were you injured at work and are having a hard time getting workmen’s comp? This website provides information from the NYC Department of Labor on the Advocate for Insured Workers, whose job is to help injured workers with problems that may come up in trying to obtain compensation.

4. Federal Benefits for Veterans, Dependents, and Survivors: This online guide provides the official summary of important employment and education benefits available to veterans and their dependents.

3. Handbook on How to Represent Yourself in an Unemployment Insurance Hearing: Was your unemployment reduced or stopped and you have requested an unemployment hearing?  This booklet explains what to expect on the day of the unemployment insurance hearing, how to present your case at the hearing, and what to do after the hearing.

2. Age Discrimination: The unemployment rate is still very high in New York.  However, older people are facing the greatest difficulty in finding employment.  This resource provides information on the Federal law that protect you from age discrimination in employment.

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1.  Wages and Hours: Frequently Asked Questions: There’s currently a lot of discussion in the news about the need to raise the federal minimum wage.  For New York workers that have questions about their wages in this state, this website provides info on the minimum wage, deductions from your paycheck, firings, and links to other important labor laws.






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